PARCC Testing Information

2018 Testing Schedule
April 16th through May 25th
***specific dates will be announced during the fall***

Graduation Requirements

NJDOE Testing Website
PARCC Website

Test Overview

  • Language Arts Test: All 9th, 10th, & 11th graders will be tested in language arts.
  • Math: All students -- regardless of grade -- enrolled in Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II will be tested in math.
  • Both math and language arts consist of multiple testing units. Units arebetween 90 and 110 minutes long, and students will sit for a maximum of two sections per day.
  • All testing is computer-based.
  • Students who are entitled will be provided additional testing time or testing accommodations. Case workers will arrange for these accommodations and contact parents with details.
  • Nomember of the HHS Class of 2018(current seniors)willtestfor either Math or English Language Arts.
  • Test results will be available to schools by June 2018and will be mailed home to parents by September 2018.

Test Regulations

  1. Students should avoid absences during testing days. If a student is too ill to attend school,a parent/guardian must notify the school of the absence by calling 973-482-5050.
  2. Cell phones are not permitted during testing. Students will be required to turn in cell phones to the test examiner prior to sitting for the test.
  3. Non-electronic reading materials are permitted. Students who finish early will be allowed to read quietly for the remainder of the testing time.
  4. No general ed student is permitted to leave the testing location before the allotted time is up.

Prior to the Test

Students should familiarize themselves with the testing format, question types, and online testing platform by taking the English Language Arts and Math practice tests. Click HERE to visit the practice test site.